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Healthcare IT Solutions

Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software

‘Hospital Information System’ or ‘Hospital Management System’
is a software solution that is used to effectively manage the complete medical, financial and administrative data of a hospital so as to simplify processes and reduce the effort for the management and the staff in the day to day running of the organization. A smartly designed HMS helps save time, money and energy.


By putting clinical and financial information at your fingertips, it helps doctors and administrators in critical ‘decision and policy-making’.


It does have a substantial impact on the overall cost cutting and improvement in quality of service and healthcare. It provides an accurate, electronically stored medical record (EMR) of the patient that can be later used for statistical requirements and research.


Computer based patient records (EMR) are becoming vital for doctors, nurses and other health professionals in order to provide an array of hospital, primary care and other ambulatory and institutional health services. A comprehensive Healthcare Management System (HMS) meant for effectively managing the clinical, organizational and monetary aspects of any healthcare organization.


Tenable, consistent and impeccably designed to prove helpful to the health care fraternity in managing patient information, administration, doctor itineraries, providing the management with MIS information and much more. It also provides an accurate, electronically stored medical record of patients (EMR), which can later be used for statistical and research purposes.


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Laboratory Information System

Laboratory Information System

“An innovative solution to increase your clientage while managing your pathology needs.”

A laboratory information system is an array of computer programs, which process, save and operate data from entire stages of healthcare processes and tests. Medical practitioners and technicians utilize the laboratory information system to administer diverse varieties of inpatient and outpatient medical testing involving hematology, immunology, microbiology and chemistry. Primary laboratory information systems usually have features like patients check in, order/stock entry, result entry, specimen processing and patient demographics. A LIS (Laboratory Information System) marks and stores every single detail of patients from the second they reach until they leave and preserves the information in its database for future use.


The most notable benefit of Allengers LIS is it increases productivity and improves the data quality. It helps you enhance your compliance and effectiveness while diminishing costs and turn-around times.


A detailed and fully integrated Laboratory Information System (LIS) for effective management of the clinical, scientific, and monetary aspects of a laboratory, diagnostic centre or hospital. LIS software results in the betterment of the operational aspect, diagnostic testing, and pathological & radiological management of an organization.


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